Rent a Bike

We currently only have fat tire mountain bikes available for rent.

Rate – $65/day.

After selecting the reservation date(s), please click on the image of the fat bike below and the current availability will show.

Terms and conditions


Wherever used herein, the term “equipment” shall include any equipment rented from JT Bike Shop.  JT Bike Shop, its agents, servants, and employees shall not be responsible for personal injuries or property damage, loss or delay incurred by any person arising out of the act of negligence of any direct or supplemental carrier or other person rendering any of the services or products being offered in these rentals; nor shall JT Bike Shop be responsible for any injuries, death, damage, loss or delay in any means of transportation or by reasons of any event beyond the actual control of JT Bike Shop, or of any agent or supplier. Renters follow any suggested itinerary at their own risk and agree not to hold JT Bike Shop responsible for injury or death resulting from accidents. We strongly recommend the use of approved helmets whenever mounted on a bicycle.  Helmets can be provided at extra cost. The bicycles provided for use are in satisfactory operating condition and participants agree to use them at their own risk or call deficiencies to the attention of a company representative. ​Individual bike specifications are subject to change based on availability of replacement components. Instruction in the use, assembly and maintenance of bicycles will not be provided and participants affirm that they are competent and familiar with the use of a multi-speed bicycle.


All bikes must be picked up at JT Bike Shop’s storefront. Trailer hitch car racks may be rented out to facilitate transportation of rentals for an additional cost, pending availability. No drop off service available.


Although all our bikes are professionally serviced before dispatch, bicycles may need tuning or maintenance during the course of the rental period; such maintenance will be carried out at the renter’s expense.  JT Bike Shop will cover the cost of damages due to equipment failures beyond the renters control; i.e. worn parts.  Any deficiencies must be communicated to JT Bike Shop within 2 hours of receipt of the equipment.  JT Bike Shop is responsible for structural deficiencies such as: damaged frames, worn bottom brackets, suspension and wheel hubs.  JT Bike Shop is not responsible for the following occurrences during bike rental:  gear tune ups / punctures / broken spokes / broken chains / broken derailleurs / broken drop-outs / wheel rim damage / torn saddles / stripped threads on pedal crank / damage beyond the control of JT Bike Shop and resultant of rider use or misuse. 


Customer agrees he/she will return the equipment in the same good condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear accepted, and to repair and replace lost or stolen, damaged or broken bicycles or parts or to reimburse JT Bike Shop for said equipment. Therefore regardless of the party at fault, customer understands and agrees to be responsible for the theft or damage to said equipment. Reimbursement costs are $1000 per bicycle, $50 per helmet, and $50 per lock. Customer payment information is securely stored associated with the booking.


Customer understands and agrees that any subleasing of rental equipment is prohibited and that any such sublease shall immediately cause termination and cancellation of this contract.


Customer shall assume liability for any and all damage or loss of and to personal property, accident / injury to other persons related to said rental equipment.


All Cancellation requests must be received in writing. Cancellations received greater than 2 weeks in advance will receive a full refund minus a 5% service fee. Cancellations received between 1 and 2 weeks in advance forfeit 20% of the reservation fee.  Cancellations received between 3 days and 1 week in advance forfeit 50% of the reservation fee. Cancellations less than 3 days in advance forfeit the full reservation fee.


In the event of an extreme weather event JT Bike Shop reserves the right to cancel all existing reservations and provide a full refund or allow for rescheduling for said reservations. No new reservations will be allowed on these days.


An additional day’s rental fee will be charged for each day customer keeps equipment after the return date specified on this contract. All equipment must be returned directly to JT Bike Shop.


Customer agrees that JT Bike Shop has the right to terminate this agreement at any time and retake possession of said equipment, and for said purpose JT Bike Shop may enter upon the premises of the customer without becoming liable for trespass.